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Birth Control and Mood Swings: What Can You Do About Them?

Are you moody on your birth control? Bummed out. Anxious. Irritable. Overwhelmed. Uncontrollable crying. Riding waves of emotions. Just not feeling like yourself?   Well, you are not alone. And, no you are NOT CRAZY.  In fact, mood swings are one of the top complaints of hormonal birth control.   These are documented side effects that occur for several reasons, one of them being the depletion of key nutrients while taking birth control. It’s something called M.I.N.D. - medication induced nutrient depletions, and you can learn more about it here. You may have experienced your own fair share of side effects from...


How Does Birth Control Affect Hypothyroidism?

Hormonal forms of birth control can disrupt the natural function of the thyroid by elevating levels of T3, T4, and cortisol and by causing nutrient deficiencies that contribute to hypothyroidism.

Why Am I Anxious on Birth Control?

Many people using hormonal contraception experience feelings of anxiety. Birth control can cause anxiety by influencing the balance of hormones in the body, affecting mood, and causing a nutritional deficiency of magnesium, which is linked to anxiety.

Is Birth Control Making Me Gain Weight?

The use of modern forms of hormonal birth control has not been linked to weight gain; however, some women experience weight gain when they first begin taking birth control. Nutrient deficiencies that contribute to weight gain can be caused by hormonal birth control.

Is Birth Control Causing Me Headaches?

Hormonal forms of birth control such as the birth control pill commonly cause headaches. The best way to prevent or minimize headaches and other unpleasant side effects of hormonal birth control is to take a nutritional supplement that addresses birth control-induced nutrient deficiencies.