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About Even

Even Health is a research-based health & wellness company providing nutrient support to prescription medications.

Why Even

Modern medicine has provided many advancements that help us live better lives BUT medications are known to increase the needs of certain nutrients and may contribute to some of the symptoms people experience while on their medication. This is something known as drug-nutrient interactions, and they are well documented in scientific literature. Basically, individuals taking medications have unique nutrient needs.
Even Health was created based on the belief that millions of people can enjoy the benefits of their medications and support their biochemistry to feel better; to feel balanced.

Medications save lives and provide benefit to millions of people but they are known to deplete the body of key nutrients that can lead to the common side effects individuals experience while taking their medication.

Even’s patented formulas are research-based companion products designed to support individuals unique nutrient while taking their medications. It’s time to usher in a new era where people get the benefits of their medications, experience fewer complaints and feel their best!

Who Can Sell Our Products

Anyone who has patients or customers taking prescription medications and looking for supplement support to feel better and minimize the side effects. We partner with physicians, healthcare practitioners – physicians, NP’s, PA’s, midwives, dieticians, nutritionists, bloggers, influencers and physical trainers.

How it Works

1) We create a unique URL and affiliate dashboard for you to track everything in real-time
2) You can share and promote Even products to generate income via either unique urls, unique promotion codes, promotional handouts with unique links than you can hand out to patients or clients
3) We pay 20% of all sales you drive
4) We pay you twice/month via paypal

How do you Benefit:

1) Free to join – No ongoing fees
2) Earn 20% of sales driven with opportunities to earn more.
3) 60 day tracking via cookies to site
4) We handle all orders, shipping, billing, etc
5) Paid monthly