For the dietary management of nutrient depletions related to statins. Created by doctors, backed by science.
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First repletion system based on clinical data

Trusted by healthcare providers

Active ingredients to balance biochemistry

Feel you, again

Designed to replete nutrients and balance biochemistry so that you can get the benefits of your statin and feel your best.





Even supports medication. Doctors support Even.

How it Works

Even for Statins is designed to manage nutrient depletions of statins and restore biochemical balance and symptoms associated with nutrient depletions.

The Evidence

Frequently asked questions

It’s easy, two capsules per day. For the best absorption of thiamine (B1), Even for Statin should be taken 2 hours away from your medication.

Even for Statins is designed for the special dietary management of nutrient depletions associated with this entire class of cholesterol-lowering medications, lipophilic and lipophobic. You should always consult with your health care professional when making personalized decisions about your health.

A medical food is designed to manage the special dietary requirements an individual has that cannot be met by diet alone. Medical foods are to be used under the supervision of medical care. Even recommends you share this information with your prescribing medical professional.

Even for Statins does not require a prescription and can be purchased directly by the consumer. We recommend that you share Even for Statins with your prescribing healthcare professional who understands your full medical history.

Even for Statins contains mitochondrial nutrients, chelated minerals, along with vitamins K2 and D3.


Talk to your doctor about Even

We want you to stick with the medication and medical providers that work for you. And we want to make the experience even better: that’s why we made a support system doctors can get behind. Our fact sheet has all the information they need for you to have a conversation about taking Even for Statin. Even for Statin cannot be taken with certain classes of blood thinners. Consult with you physician before using if you are on the blood thinners.


Helping people feel more Even

Bob A.

Helped my legs

After having a heart attack, I knew I had to take a statin but felt tired and my legs were constantly weak. With Even for Statins I have been walking my dog every morning and still have energy to workout.


Stopped my muscle aches

COMPLETELY stopped my muscle aches that I got from using Lipitor for my high cholesterol. I noticed I have been sleeping better too.

Lynn S.

Better memory and less joint pain

My dad had a heart attack at 51 and when my doctor recommended cholesterol medication, I was committed to protecting my heart. But the side effects became challenging. I had brain fog, joint pain and exhaustion. Statin Support made so much sense to me and my memory feels better, joint pain is less and I do notice more energy.


Symptoms went away

63 year old male and been on a statin for about a year and a half. I was at my Dr. appointment, and I was complaining of muscle and joint pain. Bad leg cramps. Muscle aches. Non stop. My Dr. tried to treat me for arthritis. (NO change.) My brother comes in to town, and when I described my symptoms, he said, you need to try Even for Statins and it has been a game changer. Within a few weeks of taking it I noticed my symptoms go away.


Joint and bone pain stopped

I started using this product 3 years ago when my doctor recommended it after having extreme pain, not being able to sleep, both shoulder, arm pains and leg, joint pains, after starting statins by my cardiologist. She explained that statin drugs along with your blood pressure drugs remove the natural CoQ10 in your body and this adds it back in. After taking Qunol for a couple of weeks I began to feel normal again, the joint pain and bone pain stopped and I was able to sleep better. I have been able to return to my normal life, garden, craft, enjoy long walks and rejoining my zumba class. I have recommended this to all my friends and they have called me thoroughly pleased with the results!

Even for Statins is a medical food intended to be used under medical supervision for the dietary management of nutrient depletions associated with cholesterol lowering medications in the statin category.